Top 10 best performing NFT Marketing Services of 2022

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March 15, 2023

Have you ever thought about what NFT marketing strategies actually work and which don't?
In the summer of 2020, basically everything worked because the market wasn't over saturated with NFT-s. Right now in 2022, there are thousands of new NFT projects launching every day and It's getting harder by day to successfully promote your NFT project.

Learn from the top NFT Marketing agencies who tried all advertising tips & tricks there are. Coinboosts NFT marketing agency has conducted the best performing NFT marketing services that bring the most positive results in 2022.

1. NFT Collaboration service - Best performing NFT marketing service

NFT Collaboration service has proven to be the #1 performing NFT Marketing service. It works so well because with collaborations, projects can instantly target existing NFT audiences.

What is NFT Collaboration?

NFT Collaboration is being done between 2 NFT projects Discord servers or Twitter feeds. To run a collaboration, projects usually give away 5-10 whitelist spots to each other's community members or to Twitter followers.

NFT collaboration service Coinboosts NFT Marketing Agency offers 5 Price variations for the NFT Collab service:
1. 10 Cross server collabs with established projects similar to your size & niche - $1650
2. 25 Cross server collabs with established projects similar to your size & niche - $2550
3. 50 Cross server collabs with established projects similar to your size & niche - $5000
4. 100 Cross server collabs with established projects similar to your size & niche - $9500
5. 10 One sided collabs with sold out NFT projects / alpha groups - $2550

*Note that doxxed teams are able to get better collabs.

2. Twitter Influencer Marketing

This nft marketing service has helped projects sell out entirely thanks to influencer marketing. However It's really hard to find Twitter NFT influencers who don't ask $1000 for a 10 seconds video. So Twitter Influencer marketing usually requires a larger budget. Influencer marketing packages start at $5000

NFT Influencer Coinboosts Affiliate
Twitter nft influencer example

3. Twitter Spaces Promotion

This NFT Marketing service is relatively new to the NFT Space, a new way of NFT Marketing. Instead of just texting on Twitter, it is now possible to have conversations over the speech.

As soon as Twitter announced the Spaces, hundreds of AMA hosters joined Twitter Spaces to run their businesses on a new level.

Coinboosts has gathered hundreds of Twitter Spaces hosts contacts and works as a direct manager between the client and the Spaces hosts.

Contact Coinboosts to get the pricing for AMA-s on Twitter Spaces.

Twitter Spaces NFT Marketing Strategy Coinboosts
Twitter Spaces example

4. Reddit Organic Marketing

Reddit Marketing is titled 4th thanks to It's marketing possibilities. As Reddit is getting 2B visitors per month and 50M+ Crypto & NFT users, It's a perfect place to promote an NFT Collection.

Reddit has variety of "sneaky" marketing strategies:
1. Building up natural conversations between various accounts and soft promoting your project.
2. Commenting under popular posts and upvoting them to take them to top#1
3. Posting on non-nft related subreddits, for example r/comics and soft promoting your product
4. DM Campaign to NFT subreddits followers. Reddit Marketing prices start from $3550.

Reddit sneaky marketing tactics by Coinboosts
NFT Reddit Marketing example

5. PR - Public Relations

There is not a single successful project without a proper public relations manager. To work with other established companies in the web3 space and really gain an enormous amount of new community members, it's crucial to have one.

Project manager can help you with:
1. Getting connected with investor groups (Angel investors, Venture capital companies)
2. Booking collabs with other established projects
3. Influencer reach-out

4. Growing the project & advising.

Contact us to work with Coinboosts experienced Public Relations manager

Public Relations Coinboosts
Public Relations illustration

6. NFT Calendar Listing service

NFT Calendar websites are built to make people's lives easier to track NFT mint dates. Some of the NFT Calendar websites like & have a lot of monthly traffic which attracts project owners to advertise their projects on those websites.

It's always wise to list on all possible NFT Calendar websites. If possible then even paid banners.

Coinboosts offers packages for all NFT calendar website-s listings + banner slots.

NFTRelease NFT Calendar Website list your project for free NFT Calendar

7.  Discord Community management

Believe it or not but generic discord management is the reason why most of the projects fail. The management team has to consist of people who have worked on previous projects before.

A good Discord manager is someone who:
1. Knows how to engage the community
2. Has connections with collab managers
3. Can speak English fluently
4. Knows a lot about crypto
5. Knows how to do the content creation
6. Knows how to do marketing

Coinboosts has gathered tens of experienced NFT Discord managers & moderators to work on the next successful web3 projects.

8. Reddit AD Campaign

Reddit has high budget boundaries, usually they allow NFT projects to run AD-s if their budget is around 50-100k. As mentioned above, Reddit offers very good targeting possibilities. It's possible to target NFT subreddit audiences only which takes you instantly to the right audience.

Coinboosts has been working with Reddit AD team for years with 500k+ spent. Now it's possible to book NFT Reddit AD-s through Coinboosts with just 10k budget.

Reddit NFT ADs by Coinboosts Crypto Marketing Agency
NFT Reddit AD-s example

9. Discord Chat Activity

For most of the NFT communities, the community is quiet. To fix this problem, Coinboosts has come up with an idea to synthetically fix that. In Coinboosts team there are 50+ professional chat activity members who have helped 25+ projects grow out of the silence and build up conversations with the new organic members.

Discord chat activity is crucial because:
1. The first thing that new members look for is the strength of the community
2. People want to belong somewhere
3. They want to see that there are quality people talking about the right topics
4. Project owners want to see that their announcements are hyped.

Creating value in the community early on is important for building a strong and active presence. One way to do this is by hosting giveaways of tangible items, such as sneakers. This not only provides value to the individual who wins the giveaway, but it also generates excitement and participation within the community.

10. Twitch Streamer Marketing

This goes mostly for p2e (play to earn) NFT projects. Twitch Streamer marketing is quite expensive but a great way to promote.

Here are 3 strategies to get the most insights out of Twitch streamers:
1. Pay the streamer to play your game
2. Pay the streamer to wear your merch and mention it a couple of times
3. Be a top donator and change your profile picture to your p2e game.


Coinboosts can help NFT Projects in many different ways. Over the years they have tested out every possible way to promote NFT Projects. Thanks to these 10 NFT marketing services they have helped NFT projects reach their goals, wether it was Twitter following growth or Discord Member growth.

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