Top 8 Metaverse Marketing Agencies in 2022

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March 15, 2023

The Metaverse is a new popular term that came into the spotlight together with Non-Fungible Tokens’ (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies’ rise in popularity over the last few years. The term or concept of the Metaverse is not actually new, as it was first used in the 90s. First used in science fiction and not taken as anything very serious, the Metaverse has become something already a part of millions of people’s lives and is expected to only speed up its expansion of reach.

But not to get ahead of ourselves, what is the Metaverse exactly? While there isn’t one clear-cut agreed-upon definition, the most common explanation looks something like this: The Metaverse or Metaverses are the virtual world(s) where users are represented by their avatars. They can shop, trade, socialize, travel - live - in the virtual world. In addition to the Metaverse term, the term XR, meaning Extended Reality, is used to describe this new digital revolution.

The Metaverse is envisioned in different combined ways, two main ones being AR (artificial reality) and VR (virtual reality), which make up XR. The first one sees the virtual world coming into the physical one via our screens and future gadgets, and the latter foreseeing us completely diving into the Metaverse.

As of writing, many platforms have their own separate virtual worlds, versions of the Metaverse, but the real envisioned goal is that they will soon be replaced by or combined into one central Metaverse, that every human can freely access and interact with. The central Metaverse would act as a hub for users to own their digital assets and move them around from platform to platform. A common analogy is that the Metaverse would be like a city, where each platform would act as a building that you can walk into. Another analogy however is that the Metaverse will become a second reality, a second Earth for us. We are already seeing it in effect, with people buying virtual real estate for large amounts of money. For example, a person reportedly spent $450K to be Snoop Dogg’s virtual neighbor.

This is all possible thanks to the blockchain. With blockchain technology, ownership of these digital assets and tokens is able to be proved. This covers both the before-mentioned virtual real estate, as well as art, music, and more via NFTs.

You might be reading all of this and think that moving part of your life to a virtual Metaverse is a complete utopia and if it will happen, it will be a while before that. Hate to break it to you, but you’re probably wrong. According to this study, the Metaverse’s market worth was $46 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $800 billion by 2024 and Goldman Sachs predicts that it will grow to over $1.2 trillion (no time frame given). NFTs have already exploded in popularity and value with collections being valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

One of the current leading Metaverse platforms is Roblox with over 42 million visits per day and Travis Scott’s metaverse concert held in the Fortnite Metaverse attracted over 45 million viewers. Additionally, we are seeing the push for the development of a central Metaverse by one of the biggest tech giants in the world. Formerly Facebook, now Meta, is leading the charge and is making remarkable progress. It is estimated that by 2024, mobile AR (artificial reality) will have over 1.7 billion users.

As with any new technology, so is the Metaverse first dominated by young people, Gen Z as of now. It is estimated that about 65% of Roblox’s 200 million active users are under the age of 16. But Gen Z also includes people up to the age of 25, which means that they are already very much equipped to spend money.

With all of this in mind, utilizing the Metaverse for growing your brand and its reach has huge potential. Big international brands have realized this and are already moving to make maximum use of the early adopters’ advantage. Nike, Coca-Cola, Gucci, Adidas, and Wendy’s are a few to name, but they are certainly not the only big names that are utilizing the Metaverse.

This is where Metaverse marketing agencies come into play. They can help you jump on the wave and get a head start on your competitors in this new space. With agencies’ experience and expertise, you’ll be a lot better off than trying to handle it all with your business’ internal marketing team. This is where our list aims to help you. We’ve picked 8 of the best Metaverse marketing agencies out there so you can make an informed decision on who to trust with helping you grow your business and brand in the new digital landscape.

Top 8 Metaverse Marketing Agencies


Coinboosts is one of the world's leading Web 3.0 and Metaverse marketing agencies. Founded in 2018, they have built powerful marketing tools & established strong partnerships with industry-leading projects As a Metaverse marketing agency, they help their clients sky-rocket their Metaverse brand, cryptocurrency & NFTs to new heights. They do this with powerful marketing tools via various different platforms and channels.

They offer a wide array of services that are all specifically tailored for this new Web 3.0 virtual landscape, ranging from Influencer Marketing and Twitter Ads to Website Development and Design. Whatever your specific goals may be, Coinboosts has the expertise to help you with marketing on the platforms most useful for growing your business and brand awareness.

Their client list is extensive, as they have worked with over 45 different companies and brands, NFT developers, and cryptocurrency developers., Shinsekai and XOXO are some of their most successful clients, with their biggest client’s market cap reaching $2.4 billion. Coinboosts lets you sit back and focus on things that matter, while you save money and time by trusting your business’s marketing into the hands of a team with years of experience.

Coinboosts Metaverse Marketing Agency


**NinjaPromo** is a Metaverse marketing agency dedicated to elevating its clients’ brands through multi-channel marketing solutions, branding, and creative design. They offer specially tailored services ranging from Organic Social and SEO to Paid Social and Blockchain Development. Their expertise is wide-spanning, as in addition to working with the crypto-NFT-Metaverse field, they are also experienced with growing FinTech and more traditional B2B companies.

They recognize the rapid growth of the Metaverse and the technologies associated with it may be off-putting for some business owners, which is why they are most ready to help you establish your business as a thought leader in this new era of meta marketing. They help you plan your marketing strategy, design and create all materials needed for the campaigns, run and manage the campaign, and consult you on ways to improve.

NinjaPromo is a trusted Metaverse marketing agency, as their portfolio is constantly growing with over 290 projects being completed as of writing. Some of their clients include Bitforex, Dash, and Stockmusic.

Ninjapromo Metaverse marketing agency logo

Publicis Poke

It’s hard to compile a list of Metaverse marketing agencies without mentioning Publicis Poke. Publicis Poke is a leading Metaverse marketing agency that has worked with many high-profile brands and projects.

Publicis Poke believes that the secret sauce for brands to thrive in this new digital age is to create dialogue and connect with consumers. That belief is reflected in their campaigns. They aim to make many of their campaigns interactive and game-like, to urge consumers to actively participate, leading to better opinions and impressions.

They have worked with Tourism Ireland for multiple campaigns, Morrissons, and EE’s Unbox Gaming On the Go, their most famous AR experience for a Metaverse campaign.

Publicis Poke Metaverse marketing agency logo


Metavision hails itself as “the studio for the Metaverse”. They specialize in working with entertainment companies and brands to build their presence and strategy in virtual worlds. The Metaverse marketing agency promises to drive your business’ ongoing presence and strategy amongst Metaverse audiences by conceiving and producing branded experiential worlds for fans to explore, as well as creating wider activations and opportunities within virtual worlds across a range of technologies. The Metaverse agency also specializes in Digital Art and helps businesses create the top NFTs for their brand. They also offer services like Crypto Artist Management, Crypto Consultancy, Collectible Items Production, and Metaverse Design.

Metavision is a part of ITV’s Studio 555 Venture, an innovation program designed to develop the media and entertainment businesses of tomorrow. Metavision foresees the Metaverse carrying on the virtual creator economy and is building a network of creators and businesses across various platforms to get a head start.

Screenshot of Metavision Studios Metaverse marketing agency homepage

Takeaway Reality

Takeaway Reality is an AR, VR, and Metaverse marketing agency that supports businesses by providing cutting-edge technological solutions and strategic thought leadership. They offer AR/VR Development, Metaverse Events & Land Rental, AR/VR Strategy Consulting, and Metaverse Consulting & Development.

Takeaway Reality has a clearly defined process with which they help their clients. They start with an XR consultation where they give clients ideas on how to implement AR to improve their market position. Then they tailor specific potential projects for the client and when the client has decided, deliver the project(s). After running the project they work through the campaign’s data and present the findings to the client.

They have some of the biggest names for clients on this list, as Rihanna’s lingerie brand Savage X Fenty, Ford, and Medartis have placed their trust in Takeaway Reality to develop their Metaverse marketing strategies and campaigns.

They are also closely tied with Decentraland, one of the biggest independent Metaverses and the first truly decentralized Metaverse, as Takeaway Reality helps clients rent land in the Decentraland virtual world and help you build a stand-out environment there.

Takeaway Reality Metaverse marketing agency logo on their website

Subnation Media

Subnation Media is a leading Metaverse marketing agency for designing engaging and immersive events for the gaming, shopping, and entertainment industries. They promise to turn brand moments into social movements, defining themselves as a Gaming and Web3 venture studio creating digital worlds and innovating physical experiences.

Subnation Media offers ranging services like Creating Original IP, Organising Immersive Experiences, and Creating Branded Content for businesses to thrive in the new Metaverse digital world. They have organized multiple large events both in the virtual and physical world. Some of their biggest projects with clients are NASCAR with whom they did a Metaverse launch, PUBG Esports’ strategy and operations of all social media and content creation, and Atari Hotels, the first hospitality experience designed around the culture of gaming.

Subnation Media Metaverse marketing agency logo on a white background. is a Metaverse marketing and PR agency that has worked with over 500 clients over the course of 4 years. They are a team of 50+ experts based in Dubai. They offer services that cover all aspects of the Web 3.0 landscape including the Metaverse, NFTs, GameFi, and more.

In regards to Metaverse marketing, they promise to help your Metaverse projects grow by presenting them through key opinion leaders across multiple social media with 10+ bespoke Metaverse Packages, help you connect with your target audience via Best Crypto Media Resources, and Develop Your Metaverse Project by using all capabilities of digital advertising in Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms.

Screenshot of website's homepage

Al Dente

Al Dente is not specifically a Metaverse marketing agency, but rather a more traditional creative agency, but they have recently started to provide services in the Metaverse and virtual world for their clients. With a very impressive resume of world-renewed luxury brands like Chanel, Versace, and Luis Vuitton under their belt, Al Dente is the agency to work with for high-end brands. Fittingly for a high-end luxury agency, Al Dente is based in Rome and Paris.

Luxury brands are also making the move to the Metaverse and virtual world and Al Dente has secured a spot to be one of the top Metaverse luxury marketing agencies.

Screenshot of Al Dente marketing agency homepage's Boucheron collection video


Finding new ways to grow your brand and bring it in front of consumers’ eyes will always be a top priority for business owners and marketers. The Metaverse is here to stay and it will play a bigger impact in our lives by the day. It’s an exciting and constantly changing environment and market for both consumers and businesses. The more people start adopting the new digital world, the more opportunities are created for brands to take advantage of.

However knowledgeable and skilled you may be, a Metaverse marketing agency will be a great and worthwhile investment for your business. The new virtual landscape is vast and even now, in its early stage, requires a great deal of time and energy to break through. This is what Metaverse marketing agencies can help you with.

This list only covers 8 of the Metaverse marketing agencies out there. There are definitely more out there and new agencies are being born by the day. However, these are our recommendations, if you’re looking to work with an agency with a proven track record and years of experience.

Digital marketing agencies for Metaverse help you

  • Build relationships with your current customers
  • Tap into a new market
  • Utilize the new Web 3.0 revolution as one of the first adapters
  • Get your brand in front of the eyes of young Gen Z consumers
  • Build your brand identity
  • Supercharge your presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and more.
  • Take your marketing endeavors to the next level.

Marketing agencies help businesses expand their customer base and boost revenue by remarkable margins.

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