Top 9 Youtube Crypto Influencers

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March 15, 2023

To stay updated with the vastly changing crypto space, there are luckily people who are looking at the cryptocurrency markets every day and are making videos about them on Youtube. They are called Crypto Influencers. You probably have heard about Elliotrades and Alex Becker, however there are more rising stars in the crypto space with good track records.

These top Crypto Influencers are not just giving tips on what to buy, rather they are educating their followers on how to be a better crypto trader.

Coinboosts has dumped a list of TOP Crypto influencers from their wide network of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

How did we pick out these TOP Youtube crypto influencers?

Coinboosts has taken into consideration the quality of the videos (effort), follower base quality (we check whether they are botted or not), engagement (views, likes & comments) and track record (% of successful trades)

9 - JRNY Crypto

JRNY Crypto has been in the Cryptocurrency alt-trading business since 2017 - making successful trades with altcoins was the reason why he became popular.

This Youtube crypto influencer usually posts once every 2 weeks. Average video length is 15 minutes. JRNY Crypto knows how to educate his audience.

8 - Alex Becker

Alex Becker became famous with an NFT project called Neo Tokyo. He has also had huge success in trading crypto gaming altcoins and encouraging his followers to do the same.

Alex is not just a smart guy, he also has a really good humor. But be aware Cardano fans, Alex roasts them in most of the videos.

7 - Ellio Trades

Ellio is one of the best, if not the best crypto analyst in the world, focusing on providing education to his followers. With an approximate video length of 20 minutes and 8 videos per month, It's wise to listen to him when it comes to analyzing the market conditions and learn the reasons behind market fluctuations.

He is not only a youtube crypto influencer, he is actually more popular on Twitter.

Coinboosts has rated Ellio trades to be the best crypto Youtube channel of 2022.

6 - Coin Bureau

Joined in 2019, Coin Bureau has built a wide audience of followers (2M) over the course of 3 years. Coin Bureau loves to dive deep into the crypto companies history and make investing decisions from the fundamental part of the businesses.

This Youtube Crypto influencer is worth keeping an eye on because he has made some very successful fundamental trades.

5 - Faares Q

Faares Q is teaching it's followers to keep a non-emotional mindset to prevent making stupid investing mistakes. Faares has his own investing strategy which derives from other crypto content creators.

4 - Hashoshi

This influencer is more focused on the cyber security part of the Crypto space. He gives tips and tricks on mobile device protection against fraud. He has also had success with trading altcoins and sharing his trades with his followers.

3 - Sheldon Evans

Sheldon Evans is not just a simple trader guy, Sheldon doesn't only post content about cryptocurrency, he also posts about changing the mindset and learn the money-making habits.

2 - CryptoBusy

CryptoBusy is known due to their high risk - high reward altcoin trading. They have an astonishing track record of making these risky bets. If you feel like you want to earn a lot of money fast, then CryptoBusy guys are the best fit for you.

1 - Brian Jung

Brian Jung is an American investor, entrepreneur, and influencer. He is best known for his personal finance, credit card, and crypto YouTube channel, which has amassed 1 Million subscribers and over 40 million views. In recent years, Brian has set out on a journey to help millions of others achieve financial success.

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