Smart Contract Development

Crypto Token & NFT Collection Creation

Staking & DAO Contracts

Complex Smart Contracts (ALCs)

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Why use our Smart Contract development services?

Autonomy & Automation

Eliminate the need for middlemen and improve the efficiency of business processes without third-party involvement.


Transparent smart contract technology assures businesses and their customers that transactions and agreements are verifiable.


Tokenize assets of your business & make them publicly tradeable. Take part in the innovation that Web 3.0 brings.


Smart contracts can function as gatekeepers, tokens, databases, DAOs, NFTs and digital ledgers. Whatever needs to be decentralized & created.

Custom Solutions

100% tailored to the clients end-goal. Regardless of the complexity of the project, our team delivers everything with high standars.


Smart contracts deliver more efficient business processes with automatization.

How does it work?

Here's a breakdown of the entire 7-step development process, from start to finish. You’ll receive detailed weekly strategic reports and actions based on data, so your management can be fully aware of the progress regarding your decentralized app.

Our team is experienced in:

1. Simple Smart Contracts
This category includes contracts that have legal implications for parties that fail to fulfill their part of the agreement. They are also known as smart legal contracts.

2. Complex Smart Contracts
Complex contracts include Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and Application Logic Contracts (ALC). DAOs are a form of blockchain community. ALCs serve to validate and aid the communication between devices within the IoT.

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Our Clients

Kaiju Kongz

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Launching Soon


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I need a custom quote for my crypto / NFT Project. Can you help?

Yes. We can put together a large scale marketing campaign for your crypto / NFT project. Please contact us on Telegram @coinboostr.

Can I white-label your services?

Yes, contact us on Telegram @coinboostr and ask for our white-label terms

How Can I Place an Order?

To place an order quick, please contact us directly via Telegram @coinboostr. We typically reply within 15 minutes. Our team is located in GMT+2 timezone.

Who Are Your Previous Clients?

We have worked with numerous large clients see our Clients page.

What are Your Active Hours?

We are active monday to friday from 9 AM to 12 PM GMT +2.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We will invoice your company upon request. Our team will not provide cryptocurrency payment options. Anyone who does so is likely impersonator, be aware.