Successfully Sold Out Public Sale

Gained 8.6K Discord Members in 4 Days

After a discovery call with Arcade in March of 2022, we proposed a rapid Twitter ADs campaign that would directly help grow the Discord community of Arcade. After preparing the creatives & AD copy, our marketing team launched the campaign on the 30th of march. After 4 days, we had completed the AD campaign. Arcade had gained 8.6K new Discord members via a custom invite link.

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8.6k new Discord members in 4 days

Our cooperation with Arcade happened late in their marketing campaign, and just a few days before their public sale. Because of this , we decided to build on the momentum of the upcoming public sale and launched a paid AD campaign on Twitter, which would help us reach a traditional crypto & NFT audience. Our team was assigned to the job for 4 days, during which we optimised and improved the campaign targetting & creatives. Thanks to our marketing efforts, we were able to quickly grow Arcade’s Discord by 8.6k new members in just 4 days with our custom invite link. Learn more about Twitter Ads

NFT Twitter AD Campaigns

Twitter Ads are a great tool to use for quick, cost-effective growth. For Arcade, the CTA was to join the Discord, therefore we used our invite link as the landing URL. Twitter Ads are also great for website traffic & social media awareness.

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