Kaiju Kongz

Successfully Sold Out Public Sale

Gained 12.1K Twitter Followers in 7 Days

After a discovery call with Kaiju Kongz in March of 2022, we proposed a rapid community growth campaign that would help grow their Discord community and Twitter presence. The campaign lasted 7 days during which we completed 10 NFT collabs as well as a Reddit awareness campaign. After 7 days, Kaiju Kongz had gained 12.1k Twitter followers, 2.1k Discord members and reached over 1.2M on Reddit.

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Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers
Discord Followers

12.1k Twitter Followers in 7 days

Our cooperation with Kaiju Kongz happened late in their marketing campaign. To build on the momentum of the upcoming public sale, we agreed to proceed with a campaign that would focus on growing Reddit awareness, as well as building a larger community on Twitter & Discord. Our team was assigned to the job for 7 days, during which our collaborations manager arranged & hosted 10 different collabs and published 23 Reddit posts which gained over 1.2M impressions. Thanks to our marketing efforts, we were able to quickly grow Kaiju Kongz Discord by 2.1k new members in just 7 days, as well as grow their Twitter following by 12.1k. Learn more about NFT Collabs Learn more about Reddit Marketing

10x NFT Collabs

By collaborating with already established brands in the NFT industry, we were able to reach an audience who was already invested in NFTs on Twitter & Discord. The communities of both NFT projects are introduced to one-another, making the collaboration beneficial for both NFT projects involved. We helped secure collaborations with some of the biggest NFT projects, including Cyber Roos, Ooga Verse, RuledOut, SkyVerse, Mono Loco, Bob Vance, CryptoWallStreet, ShinSekai & Tori Zero

Agressive Reddit Marketing

With over 1.6B monthly visitors, Reddit is an essential avenue for online marketing, especially in the Crypto & NFT industry. With the help of our marketing team, we created organic discussions & awareness posts on all 23 different NFT subreddits. We then continued to send up to 1000 upvotes to each and every post, driving it to the trending page. This allowed us to reach over 1M Redditors, active in the NFT space. Each post included a specific CTA funnel which would help convert Redditors into Kaiju Kongz Discord members. Campaign Results: 23 Posts, 437 Upvotes, 81 Comments Total Reach: 1.27M (on 23 NFT subreddits)

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