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Gained 400+ New Discord Members every day for 90 days

Community grew by 285% in 90 days

After a discovery call with LUX on the 25th of april, our team proposed LUX a 3-month community growth strategy. At the time, LUX had 25.5k Twitter followers & 21.3k Discord members. We launched the campaign on the 13th of may and within the first 24 hours, LUX gained 80 new Discord members. 90 days later, we had completed all 37 collabs and helped LUX gain 37.8k Discord members and 53k Twitter followers.

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Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers
Discord Members

37.8k new Discord members in 90 days

To grow the community, we started collaborating with other established NFT projects. By doing this, we were able reach an audience who was already invested in NFTs on Twitter & Discord. Our team was assigned to the job for 3 months straight, during which we hosted 7 WL giveaways every week for 90 days. Thanks to our marketing efforts, we were able to quickly grow LUX Discord community by 37.8k new members. If you would like to see the full list of collabs that were hosted for LUX, please reach out to our support on Telegram. Learn more about NFT Collabs

Collabs with the biggest NFT projects

We helped secure collaborations with some of the biggest NFT projects, including Kaiju Kingz, 316 VC, Alpha Shark, Anime Metaverse, The Royal Cubs, ALPACADABRAZ, HolyVerse & more.

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